Scientific Seminar - 2016

Call for Paper

Scientific Seminar on "Developing Tropical Environment"


The Implementation of "Go Green" into Tropical Environmental Management

Organized by

Department of Civil and Environment, Bogor Institute of Agriculture (IPB)
Indonesia Association on Sanitary and Environmental Engineering of Indonesia (IATPI)

Department of Civil and Environment, Bogor Institute of Agriculture

Seminar Venue

Registration fee: Rp 250.000,00 per person per paper
Presentation date  4-5 November 2016

Submit abstract 21 October 2016
Submit paper  31 October 2016

20 papers will be published in Jurnal Lingkungan Tropis, 

Vol 10, No. 2, Sept 2016 and 
Vol. 11, No. 1, Maret 2017
and Jurnal Teknik Sipil dan Lingkungan IPB

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The Background 
    Meeting discussing results of environmental research is required so 
information exchange can properly take place.

The Aim  
    The aim of the seminar is to disseminate ideas or research results obtained from
Field and laboratory research
Ideas on environment-problem solving
Research proposal

   Moreover, papers that have been published could be presented in the seminar. For sure, the papers that have been published will not be published in the proceedings or Lingkungan Tropis Magazine. Only selected papers were eligible to be included in the proceedings.

Paper presented at the seminar may not be published in the proceedings. We facilitate the desire of the author for publication.

     Thus the scientific seminar is a forum that brings together faculty, students and researchers and observers in the field of environment for the exchange of ideas and know each other activities and results of their work. So, networks among them can be developed and communication in solving environmental problems could be performed better.

Seminar Registration
    Registration using the form ( can be downloaded from the page). The registered person can be classified into:

is the one who belong to the writer of the manuscript

is nyone who want to attend the seminar for just listening and participating the discussion.

is a writer who presents the manuscript. Presentation should not be delegated to someone who is not the writer of the manuscript.

    Please send registration form along with abstracts of the manuscript according to the format by email at any time up to the closing day. Submissions should use active email of candidate presenter or main author. A person may submit more than one abstract, but a registration form must only contain one title of paper. In other words, registration is to register the paper but not the author or someone register in accordance with the number of papers that will be presented (one paper is only registered once). It is not allowed to register by email owned by another person (assistant / friend). Payment is made at the time of registration or transferred to bank account. (We will given soon). The registration fee depends on the number of papers submitted, as well as anyone who follows or attend the seminars to pay for itself.

Full papers must be collected in accordance with the format on 31 October 2016.

Registration form can be downloaded as an attachment at the bottom of this page and after filling all send via email.

   Manuscripts on one of the seminar's topics is welcome to be presented. But the publication in the Proceeding is decided by the reviewers or scientific committee.
Presentation slides is preferred written in English and it is submitted to the committee before the presentation begin.

Ferewell Party 
Ferewell party will be held to close the seminar (not confirmed yet)

Accomodation and Sight Seeing
    Some hotels are listed, they as close, low price. The info on sight-seeing places can be found elsewhere, 
website wisata.

Seminar Rule 
Please follow the rule of the seminar.

Presentation Program
The seminar program can be downloaded.

Important to be noticed:

    Seminar Topic
    List of Registrated people
    Seminar Program
    Sight Seeing 
    List of Paper and Presenter